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Registration Process

1. Check availability for the desired domain name

2. Review the POLICY of Domain Name Registration

3. Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for Domain Name Registration for Academic Institutions under,, and विद्या.भारत

ERNET India is a Govt. authorized exclusive domain registrar for registering domain names under,, and विद्या.भारत. ERNET India allocates domain names as per guidelines/SOP in order to cater to the growing requirements as well as to provide greater clarity for registration under,, and विद्या॰भारत

The new T&C/ SOP supersedes all earlier T&C and are applicable with effect from 04.06.2020 for registration of domain name for academic or research institutions. Hence, under new terms & conditions, no references to past cases of domain assignments shall be made to qualify to obtain domain name since they predate the new terms. This is because under the new terms, domain assignment is reserved only for educational institutions dedicated solely to education.

Definition of Academic/ Educational/ Research Institution/ or Organization

Academic institution is an educational institution dedicated to education and /or research, which grants academic degrees ie recognised completion of studies at a school, college or university levels. Vocational/professional institution dedicated to academic courses such as technical studies and vocational trainingis also referred to as academic institution

The word ‘academic institution’ or ‘organization’ will be referred in the entire document for all kind of academic/ educational or research institution/ organization.

Terms & Conditions

Requirements for Domain Registration

Eligible institution must apply domain name online at The Institute has to submit undertaking on a Non Judiciary Stamp Paper of Rs 100.00 only (Annexure-‘A’) , application letter for domain registration (Annexure ‘B’) on and Authorization Letter. The complete list of documents is mentioned in (Annexure ‘C’). All these annexure/documents have to be uploaded in PDF format and make payment through online mode (Internet banking or NEFT/ IMPS/ UPI etc) as per bank account mentioned below. The true copies of recognition/ or affiliation certificate(s), original undertaking on stamp paper) and application letter may be sent to ERNET India, New Delhi office, within 10 days of submission of online application.

1.Eligibility for registration of domain under,, and विद्या.भारत at the third level:

i) All the primary and secondary schools affiliated with central (ie CBSE/ ICSE) or recognized by Central/ State Government Educational Boards etc;

ii) All Government approved/ Recognized/ or Affiliated Academic Institutions/ Organization ##

iii) All Research institutes/organization involved in research work having documentary proof of their mandate/copy of Registration paper/letter from Govt. or Govt. recognized organization

iv) Organization/ institutions registered under Skill Development Ministry are eligible for academic domain names.

v) NGO/ Coaching/ preparatory training institute are not eligible for,, or विद्या॰भारत domain. Institute registered under shop and establishment act is also not eligible.

vi) Commercial Organizations registered under MCA/commerce or other similar ministries but not offering certificate/ degree/diploma courses recognized by UGC/ AICTE/ or University or by central/ state Government are not eligible for academic domains.

vii)Private societies/Trust/ schemes/ projects/ events shall not be eligible for registration under,, and विद्या॰भारत. However academic organization/ Institutions opened under such societies/trust will be eligible for registration of domain in the name of that academic organization/ Institution on submission of required documents annexed at Annexure-‘C’.

viii) Govt. Autonomous bodies/ or Societies are eligible for academic domains if their course/certificates are recognized by Govt.

ix) In case recognized University/ or College/ Research institute willing to register for additional domain for research activities or for the internal department, then domain allotment will be considered on case to case basis on submission of required documents

Note:- GST No. of academic institute if available may be enter.

2. Domain Naming Guidelines

• Allocation of,, and विद्या॰भारत domain shall conform to standard domain naming conventions of .IN Registry and WHOIS safeguards.

• Generic domain name, and individual Person’s name based domain name shall be ineligible for registration under,, and विद्या॰भारत. Domain name should match with Institute's/college/university/school full name or in abbreviated form.

• The requested domain name of any private organization should not be similar to any Government Organization (full or abbreviated) or country name. For example educational Institute like “Ganesh Onkara Institute”, should not request domain name like GOI.AC.IN or GOI.EDU.IN or GOI.RES.IN as GOI is used for Government of India or Uttrakhand Girls College should not apply for UGC.AC.IN or UGC.EDU.IN (As UGC is for University Grant Commission) or Uttam Sanskrit Academic should not apply for USA.AC.IN or USA.EDU.IN(as USA is country name). Domain name similar to reputed Institutes like IIT, AIIMS, JNU, CSIR, NPL etc will not be allotted to other than these institutions.

• For Domain Naming conventions click here.

3. Allocation of,, and विद्या.भारत domain will be in conformity with .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP) as modified from time to time.

4. Single Domain name will not be allotted to any institution/trust/society/organisation for its group of schools/ colleges etc. Institute/trust/society/organisation has to register separate individual domain name for its each of recognized academic institution.

5. Domain owner institution/organization should submit documents alongwith undertaking on periodic basis in every 2 years or at the time of renewal of domain whichever is earlier, that there is no change in management/ admin rights etc. In case of change in management/ authorized officer/ nodal officer etc this should be bring into the notice of domain registrar i.e ERNET India in writing on letterhead of the institute duly signed by head of the institute within 15 days of such change.

6. Suspension/ freezing of domains allocated earlier at the third level under,, and विद्या.भारत domain zone may result:

i) If documents submitted for domain registration is found fake/forged/wrong.

ii) If found later that domain is being used for other than educational or research purpose

iii) If any contact information or any other information given while registration of domain is found inaccurate or suppressed

iv) If in future there is any dispute among management regarding Institute’ s and domain name ownership / Management / Head of organization

v) If any fraudulent activity is found on the Website of the registered domain

7. In future,if any dispute arises regarding office bearer / Management / Head of organization/ Supremacy/ Powers etc in private colleges/ schools, or autonomous institutions/ or private Universities, ERNET India will not be held responsible for any ownership of domain or institute. No one from institutionwill make ERNET India a party in the court. In such situation, ERNET India will suspend/ freeze that domain name.

8. ERNET India, its management, affiliates, officers, and customers indemnified and harmless from and against any and all costs, liabilities, losses, and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of any claim, suit, action or proceeding for any act(s) and omissions of the institute.

9. All Policies issued by .IN Registry from time to time will be adhered.

## Definition of Recognition / or Affiliation/ Government Approval of Academic Institutions:

• Colleges either recognized by Central/ State Government agencies or affiliated with Universities;

• Universities approved by UGC or Central/ State Governments;

• Technical institutions/ colleges recognized by AICTE, State Government Technical board, NCTE etc;

• Vocational Training institute recognized by State Govt Vocational Training Council etc.

• The skill development centres recognized by Skill development state or central Govt Ministry.

• Government accredited institutions imparting recognised educational courses


The registration of a domain name (URL of website/or e-mail) is not a proof for existence of an organization and may not be used as an evidence in court matters/ dispute of ownership or any other purposes. The registrar will not be answerable to anybody and anywhere as registration of a domain is done on the basis of documents presented/ uploaded in the online system by registrant. Hence, Registrant of domain name will be responsible for its truthiness and for any requirement by legal authorities or public i.e RTI.

Payment should be made through online (net banking) mode or NEFT/IMPS in ERNET India's following Bank account:

ERNET India-bullet Bank Account No. : 604810110002285
ERNET India-bullet Bank account name : ERNET India
ERNET India-bullet Bank Name : Bank of India
ERNET India-bullet Branch Name : Electronics Niketan, 6 CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003
ERNET India-bullet IFSC Code : BKID0006048

ERNET Registration No.

ERNET India-bullet PAN : AAATE0202A
ERNET India-bullet TAN : DELE01699F
ERNET India-bullet GSTN : 07AAATE0202A2ZS

5. The domain Registration/Renewal charges have to be paid separately for each domain, through Online Payment or Bank Deposit. Combined payment for Registration/Renewal of two or more domains will not be accepted.

6. On submission of online registration form, User login ID and password link will be sent to Admin e-mail address (filled in online form)

7. Auto reminders for renewal of domain will be sent on admin and technical email-id (filled in online registration form) of the domain user 60 days, 45 days, 30 days, 15 days, and 5 days prior to expiry of domain name.

8. In case Domain is not renewed before the date of expiry, domain will be deactivated after 10 days of the expiry date and an amount of Rs.1180/-(18 % GST Included) will be charged extra for reactivation/restoration along with renewal charges.

9. E-Receipt against payment of domain registration/renewal will be sent to admin email of domain registrar after confirmation of payment and registration/renewal of domain

10. The refund request will be entertained within 90 days of submitting online payment for valid reasons only. If domain registration application rejected due to incomplete documents / and or applied for unrecognised institution, then refund will not be processed. Once, domain is registered, then the refund cases will also not be processed.

For further clarification regarding domain registration kindly contact:

ERNET India,
(Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt of India),
Block-I, A Wing DMRC, IT Park,
Shastri Park, New Delhi 110053
Phone : 011-22170594,22170580,22170583
Email :