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Guidelines/Policy for registering domain name under, and

ERNET India is Domain Registrar for all the Educational and Research Institutes including schools in India. It registers Domains at second and third level in the following zones.

ERNET India-bullet
ERNET India-bullet
ERNET India-bullet research Institutes)
ERNET India-bullet विद्या.भारत (भारतीय कॉलेजों और विश्वविद्यालयों)


ERNET India-bullet Registry

AnInternet Domain Name Registry is an entity that receives Domain Name Service(DNS) information from Domain Name Registrars, insert that information into a centralized database and propagates the information in Internet zone files on the Internet so that domain names can be found by users around the world via applications such as the world wide web and email. e.g. IN Registry is the official .IN registry. It is appointed by the government of India, and is operating under the authority of NIXI(National Internet Exchange of India).

ERNET India-bullet Registrar

A Registrar provides direct service to Domain Name Registrants. The Registrar Database contains customer information in addition to the DNS information contained in the Registry database. Registrars process name registrations for Internet end user and then send the necessary DNS information to a Registry for entry in to centralized Registry database and ultimate propagation over the Internet e.q. ERNET India is exclusive Registrar for, and

ERNET India-bulletRegistrant

The individual or organization that registers a specific domain name with a registrar . This individual or organization holds the right to use that specific period of time , provided certain conditions are met and the registration fees are paid. This persons or organization is the “legal entity” bound by the terms of the Domain Name Registration Agreement With the registrar.

Domain Naming Conventions

For Users who apply for registering domain names under “, and”

ERNET India-bullet Domain name should be available . To check for availability click

ERNET India-bullet .IN domain names may be between 3 and 63 characters in length.

ERNET India-bullet Only letters (A-Z and a-z), digits(0-9), and hyphens will be accepted in a domain name. Name cannot begin or end with hyphens.

ERNET India-bullet Other special characters like the underscore “_” exclamation mark “!” etc are not permitted.

ERNET India-bullet Domain name are not case –sensitive.(i.e. you may use a mix of upper or lower case letters)

ERNET India-bullet not a domain name; www is actually, the name of a computer in the domain –

General Registration Policies

ERNET India-bullet The following zones are reserved for use by qualified organizations in India.

• (Academic)

• (Indian research institutes)

• (Indian colleges and universities)

• विद्या.भारत (भारतीय कॉलेजों और विश्वविद्यालयों)

ERNET India Term : Domain names may be registered for a minimum of one (1) year, and a maximum of ten (10)years.

ERNET India Contact information: Registrants must provide true , accurate contact information . The following contact types are required: Registrant, Administrative, Technical, Billing. As per standing policy, the contact data will be displayed in the .IN WHOIS, except for the Billing contact data, which is not displayed.

ERNET India The Administrative contact of the domain must be from the organization/entity requesting the domain name

ERNET India Transfers: Domains under above mentioned reserved zones are non-transferable i.e registrants are not allowed to transfer their domains to other registrar as ERNET India has been designated by GoI as exclusive registrar for registering domains under above mentioned reserved zones.

ERNET India Grace periods: certain grace periods exist to allow for the cancellation of transactions by registrar within certain time periods and 10 days grace period for renewal of domain.

ERNET India Nameservers: In order to appear (the domain requested ) in the zone file and resolve on the Internet, at least one (1) valid nameserver along with the valid DNS entry must be associated with the domain name, before the registration is done with ERNET India. The use of at least two valid nameservers is highly recommended.

• It is necessary to run domain name servers(DNS servers) for the domain being registered.These Servers provide the service for translating domain names to IP address for hosts in the domain.

• These nameserver may belong either to organization or the Internet Service Provider/Web Service Provider(ISP/WSP).

• The ISP/WSP can be located in ANY PART of the world.

• The nameservers can be located in ANY PART of the world.

• It is recommended that there are at least two independent nameservers(primary and secondary nameserver).

• It is mandatory to run at least the primary nameserver for the domain.

• The nameservers must be up, permanently connected to the Internet ,and configured correctly to respond to DNS requests for the domain, before the application is submitted.

• Establishing the primary and secondary name servers in physically separate locations and on different networks is strongly recommended.

ERNET India-bullet ERNET has the authority to deny or suspend a registration if it conflicts with the sovereign national interest or public order.

ERNET India-bulletInternational domain names(IDNs): Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are Domainnames represented in local language characters. Such domain names could contain letters or characters from non-ASCII scripts. In India, the INRegistry is also responsible for registering IDN in Indian Languages. ERNET India will be domain registrar for registering domain under विद्या.भारत (vidya.bharat)

Domain Dispute Resolution Policy

For the terms and conditions including Indian Internet Domain Name dispute resolution policy kindly refer to the web site

Reserved Names

The government has reserved a list of names for government and registry use available at If any organization is not involved (if found later) in educational, academic or research activities after their domain registration under EDU.IN, AC.IN and RES.IN, respectively, and involved in other web activities unrelated to academic/research, then their registered domain under, and may be withheld.